Unique Designs

When GK set out to design the perfect shawls, she realized that beauty not only lies in the fabric but in the one of a kind designs.

People Lovin' It

Our Shawls Lines brand awareness keeps on growing. Currently we have many customers and partners who simply love it.

Cities Shipped To

Currently GK Creation is shipping to all of the US and Canada, with expectations of entering Europe in Fall 2016.

The Best Way to Make a Fashion Statment – Hand Made Chique Shawls

"The difference between style and fashion is quality". – Giorgio Armani

Custom & Unique

Our hand made Shawls are made of the higest quality fabrics, and are meticulously put together with the highest attention to details.

Quality You Can Count On

Aside from being well hand crafted, our shawls only use the best frabics that are to keep your piece looking like the first day you purchased it.

A Collection For Every Occasion

GK Creation has purposefully created three distinct lines of shawls, in order to cover any event or occasion you may find yourself in.

About Us: Who is GK?

A Story of Inspiration born from unconditional Love.

Grazyna Kozak [GK]

Born and raised in Eastern Europe in Poland, Grazyna started sewing and making clothes at the age of 21 when her daughter was born, first out of necessity. 

Her daughter was her treasure and even though she did not have a lot of money she wanted her to be and look like a little princess. 

She learned how to make gorgeous dresses and skirts as well sweaters and shawls.  Over time she has become very good at her craft and even creating dresses for ballroom dancers.

Now living in sunny California she makes artistic shawls and scarfs as well as Guardian Angels.

She uses her creativity to bring a little bit of joy to everyone's lives through the clothing and accessories that they wear. 

Grazyna uses technique call wet felting - where she seamlessly combines natural Eco-friendly materials: high quality Australian Merino wool and beautiful European silk, which provides the soft to the touch feel. 

Each piece she makes is 100% original and unique, full of love and joy and  she spends hours making sure that each creation is as close to perfection as possible.

To keep the beauty of the shawls they need to be hand washed in cold water and gently ironed with slightly warm iron.

Our Amazing Shawls

Right here we've got something you gonna love & enjoy

Looking for a taylor made Shawl? We’re Here to Help!

All of our Shawls are one of a kind and original. However, we know sometimes you really want to add your own unique twist. We do offer special customization from unique colors to a specific sentimental design or pattern. All you need to do is contact us to open a discussion on what you're looking for. Once we get things worked out, we will adjust the price of the shawl line, and send you an electronic invoice. Simply email us it's that Easy!


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